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We feature real and hard fought wrestling, boxing and fighting matches between men and women with emphasis to submission wrestling.
You will see head scissors, body scissors, pins, grapevines, face sitting, smothering and lots of your favorite holds as well as some cheap shots and great victory poses too! Our matches fulfill the fantasy we all mixed wrestling fans cherish and that is to be overpowered and beaten in a wrestling match by a more athletic, stronger and in fact a better female grappler! Read below what some of our members say about our site.

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.."Theo, your MixedWrestlingZone is a fantastic site! Certainly, one of the best! It is easy to navigate, concise, & is in full HD. Your wrestlers are great too. It is nice to see fairly fit men (not big & fat) going up against tough women who truly appear to want to win!...Keep up the great work! Most importantly, it is commendible for you to have the courage, confidence, & forsight to allow non-members a free preview of all your matches! This works well in 2 ways:
1. The viewer "sees" what they will be getting - no bad surprises of "poor quality" matches.
2. If a viewer is unsure about the quality of the matches - the more the viewer sees in the previews the more they become convinced to join.
Good luck & best wishes,


"...Hi Theo,

I'm a frequent member and I really enjoy your mixed videos... Especially the ones with dirty fighting, groin submissions etc.
Classic stuff! Encourage more!
Thanks for making it.


" ...Hello Theo,
Just thought I would take a moment to thank you for the great sessions you have been doing. I am interested only in your Mixed Wrestling and I think Clay and Cameron are near-perfect opponents for the girls. Clay has appeared in many of the sessions and he seems always to end up taking a nasty beating from the girls. He suffers very nicely and I greatly enjoy watching the girls dominate and humiliate him. Cameron seems quite arrogant so it is hugely fun to watch him being completely dominated by the girls. I love seeing him screaming in agony when one of the girls has him in a really punishing hold or is yanking on his hair. No humiliation they inflict on this arrogant guy can be too much. I hugely enjoy watching him suffer at the girls' hands. Seeing a really nicely built, good looking guys like Cameron and Clay losing to the girls is a real
delight and I look forward to seeing many more matches in which the girls clearly demonstrate their superiority over their male opponents.
Thanks for all the smiles!


"...WOWOWWOW the Kristiana victory pose is totally AWESOME!
I hope see more victory poses soon!!
I love your page day to day more!!
Best regards!!
You rock!!!


"...I really like your site. It is very easy to use with very good quality and great wrestling!


"... Again, you've got the best site, the best wrestlers, and definitely the best videos and pics. Excellent quality!
Thanks and take care,


"...I've been a member of MixedWrestlingZone almost from the first day.
I'm more than satisfied with the videos you provide. That is the
type of wrestling videos I enjoy watching and collecting.
My favorite so far is the one with Michelle.


"...I am a member at your site, and really like your videos. Wow, these photos look great!


"...You seem to be building an amazing mixed wrestling site, with gorgeous sexy talented girls, and average boys to wrestle them. It sounds incredible!..."
...I live in Brazil, and I'm willing to join your website, as I got quite surprised by the quality of your content. Great ideas and work!


"...Nice to see big, high quality pics for a change as opposed to LQ video grabs! Was wondering if you could make 'em even bigger?
Anyway, thanks again for the site, good luck with it and I look forward to more content.



3 new videos every month!